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Candidates at the time entered your home could have no contacts Together with the outer entire world. That's the event the candidates will not be allowed to use mobile phone, newspaper, look at and many others.

Archana fantastic. karthika and Deekha taking part in double video game. karthika initial kalpana valana help save ayindi appudu evaritho kalavala ippudu kaavalane archana ni target chestundi and deeksha 4th week lo enduku product archana ki encounter ki raayala sudden ga home lo maatram elimination ki tana peru cheppindi.

This is simply not your show. It can be massive boss exhibit He's executing suitable And that i noticed serious charterers of associates(Kushal and Amith).

To vote your favorite participant employing skipped contact strategy you ought to have a legitimate cell amount that is definitely registered within India.

Plz avoid the teams why the team men and women nominating a similar solitary man or woman what a garbage thing which is

Voting Polls are the choice approach to understand about the elimination. But these are not accountable for voting. You are able to only vote and Examine which contestant could get eradicated in the period.

Avunu bro three associates one) prince 2) aadharsh three) hariteja villu muguru archana nu goal chesukunaru endhukante e muguru chala maind game gamers this match is won dont generate a errors in dwelling survival and shown family thoughts and difficulty faced the primary They're three associates pre setting up andhuke okkariki thyeliyakunda inko okkariki ranga cheppadhu idhi chala difficulties create chesthundhi dhine cheppudu matalu antaru okkaru manchiga unnte nachu andhuke mana mundhu manchiga unnatu natisthu okkari pai okkariki chadilo chepputhari chudaleka atlani e three members ani chepoadam ledhu andharu anthy kani Heart point archana nu chesthunaru

Babu bigg boss thammudu teju ni remove cheyyandi babu dhani yasalu chudaledu dhayachesi dhanini remove cheyyakapothey mi TRP ratting motham dhegenthundhiii

The Viewer have to have a sound and subsisting Gmail id for casting his/her vote via this Voting System. The Viewer may very well be prompted to enter his/her Gmail id and linked details just before continuing with the voting.

Each of the sixteen contestants can enter the Bigg Boss household on the 1st day by itself. The moment they’re in, they could not depart the premises any longer.

For Star Maa Bigg boss star maa big boss vote telugu vote benefits Each week a single contestant will probably be eliminated from the show dependant on general public voting. more info The participant who gets lesser votes from viewers might be click here evicted through the demonstrate.

Eg. Navdeep and Diksha performed for self defence and remain players performed for luxury finances. Hotel staff members is eligible for captain activity. Past five times navdeep and diksha carried out practically nothing even though they acquired an opportunity to come to be caption.

Sameer and team were being much too generous in that difficulty. After we check out payed toilets we don’t deny to pay for them mainly because we aren't peeing but just shifting pad. It is as simple as that.

. and superstars apudu commonarrie no nominate chestaru edhi emina nayam oka sare probability ivaandhi commonaire ki lekapotha teju lanti squander follows untaru bb lo and bb nani Gary hlo andi nenu me anchoring apudu chustanu me lo oka thing note chesanu meru apudu Frank ga mataladataru adhi andarini appeal to chestaru bye andii

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